Heather Jane McHugh, APRN


Double board Certified in adult-geriatric acute care medicine and aesthetic medicine

Founder & Owner



i am patiently waiting as your 'well-being ambassador,' Ready to help my clients take the next step. 

Everyone deserves to feel like gold.

Founder, Owner & Operator Heather Jane "HJ" McHugh is double board certified and committed to providing clients safe, accessible, and high quality care from consultation to end of session.

An eastern Connecticut-native, HJ received her B.S. & M.S. in Nursing from University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT). At the start of her career, she served the critically ill and trained nurses and paramedic students at a local tertiary hospital while also working as a nurse consultant for daycares throughout the State of Connecticut. Upon completion of her Masters program as an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, HJ served 2 years as a Hospitalist at a local community hospital and received the Mid-level Provider of the Year award in 2016. During this time, she also served on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, the Peer Review Committee and the Patient Throughput Committee.  She began her aesthetic journey in 2018 and in  2020 she became double board certified by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine in Aesthetics. 

Her passion for specialization then led her to a position as the Office APRN at a office specializing in Vascular Treatment in Glastonbury, CT, where she routinely performed visually guided and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, consults, & the management of acute and chronic diseases while visiting nearby offices providing educational sessions on the chronic and progressive disease known as venous insufficiency. HJ completed an in depth focused fellowship in the treatment of vein disease, and was later nominated by her colleagues to serve on the the Vein Clinics of America nationwide Peer Review Committee. She helped the Glastonbury Clinic break consultation records and patient-sought-treatment on a monthly basis and earning its position as one of the top five clinics in the nation. Today, she serves as a member of the American Nurse Association, American Nurse Association of Connecticut, American Association of Nurse Practitoners, American Academy of Critical Care Nurses and American Vein & Lymphatic Society.

HJ's interest in aesthetic medicine began after hearing unfavorable experiences from close friends and colleagues. She was confident that she could help healthy individuals reach the next level in their holistic well-being by providing these services with the same care, compassion and integrity that one should receive in an acute situation.


"The medical profession at large remains so consumed with helping someone who is ill get better, but once the person is better, who is there to help them reach the next level holistically? That is where I am patiently waiting as your 'Well-Being Ambassador,' ready to help my patients take the next step.  Everyone deserves to feel like gold".


When not occupied providing patients with exceptional holistic care performing the newest advancements in medical technology, HJ enjoys going to baseball games, painting, sewing, off-roading, snowboarding and spending time visiting her family in South Carolina and Illinois.