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pamper the junk in your trunk

Bumps on your rump no more!  Feel more confident when you care for your delicate areas the same way you care for your face. 


This service keeps your skin smooth by gently cleansing to clear away impurities. Then we use a diamond encrusted tool to gently smooth and resurface the skin, removing 10-15 layers of unwanted buildup and scrubbing away bumps on the booty.  We then steam the area using tea tree oil to kill bacteria.  The most magical step is next when we drain out trapped fluid that causes cellulite (This step feels uh-mazing!).   After we soothe and treat the area with a mask that helps firm the skin and close the pores.  The treatment is completed with a special solution including  glycolic and salicylic acid to kill bacteria and close pores.



No Lunges or Squats Required!

You're 5 treatment steps away from having the smoothest booty your jeans have ever seen


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