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Botox Injection

dermal fillers

We are proud to offer Juvederm© and Restylane©

Injectable fillers known as “dermal fillers” or “fillers” are a popular and highly sought after in office cosmetic treatment with immediate results and minimal downtime.  Fillers can be used to plump lips, replace age-related volume loss of lips (Keep your natural look), correct facial volume loss by adding volumes to cheeks, improve the appearance of skin folds, fine lines or sagging, sculpt the jawline or help to correct age related static wrinkles and scars.


Treatments can provide and maintain your natural appearance or can be administered to enhance areas as you desire while maintaining natural outcomes and appearances that typically require minimal upkeep.  Depending on the product used, your lifestyle and the location of treatment fillers injected in the face are temporary to longer-lasting solutions.  When performed by a skilled injector often there is minimal to no discomfort or pain.

The most popular fillers used are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers which are FDA-approved.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring in your body, found in all living cells and is identical in all mammals.  It attracts and binds 1000x its weight in water providing hydrating and volumizing effects.  While there are other types of fillers available in the United States HA fillers are preferable because of their ability to be dissolved unlike other options.

"Liquid facelift"

If you are starting to see the early stages of age-related volume loss a combination treatment of neuromodulators (like Botox) and fillers can help to retain your youthful appearance.  This combination of treatment is often referred to as a “liquid facelift” and popular amongst those whom are not interested in undergoing a surgical knife just yet.


Asclera© is FDA-approved for the treatment of small uncomplicated spider veins and for small reticular veins which often present in the lower legs.  


This minimally invasive procedure called “Sclerotherapy” is designed to safely and effectively eliminate varicose and spider veins by intentionally damaging the lining of the vessel eventually causing it to close while blood continues to get rerouted to healthy veins.  While there is minimal downtime compression therapy is recommended to get the most out of your treatment.  Treatments typically require a series and because vein disease is chronic it is not uncommon to require future treatments.  Need of treatments vary based on each individual. 


Sclerotherapy should be performed only by a provider experienced and knowledgeable in venous disease as recognition advanced venous disease requires treatments beyond sclerotherapy.  Attempting to treat the surface after failing to identify advanced disease can lead to minimal or no results. 


At A Midas Touch Med Spa we are both knowledgeable and experienced in this specialized treatment.


We are proud to offer Botox©, Dysport© and Xeomin©

In the face and neck, the relaxation of certain muscles reduces rhytids (wrinkling).  Neurotoxin injections are customized for every client, depending on his or her needs.  These procedures can be performed in areas involving the forehead, eyebrow and on the sides of the eyes as well as other more specific areas of the face and neck.  Neuromodulator injections cannot stop the process of aging.  It can however, temporarily diminish the appearance of wrinkles caused by muscle groups.  Depending on the dose, and your specific anatomy,  duration of the effects of treatment can vary.  Treatments can be repeated indefinitely with resistance to the effects the neuromodulator occurring only rarely.

In addition to basic areas of treatment (Glabellar region, Crow’s feet and forehead) advanced procedures can be performed in other more specific areas of the face and neck.  Areas most frequently treated that are considered “off-label” for treatment include gummy smile, eyebrow lift, chin, lip lines, neck bands, lower eye lid wrinkles, bunny lines, masseter muscles and more.

Neuromodulator injections may be performed as a singular procedure or as an adjunct to other procedures. Depending on the dose received, and your specific anatomy, effects of injection can be seen for anywhere between 2-4 months, usually 3 months.  The treatments can be repeated indefinitely with resistance to the effects the neuromodulator occurring only rarely.

Lip Botox Injection
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KYBELLA ® (deoxycholic acid), is the only FDA-approved injectable that destroys fat cells beneath the chin to improve the look of a “double-chin”.  The deoxycholic acid in Kybella is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body that breaks down dietary fats. 


This procedure can be performed in as little at 20 minutes in office with minimal downtime.  During each session Kybella is administered via multiple subcutaneous injections and generally 3-4 treatment sessions are needed for the submental area (double-chin).  Kybella begins working instantly to break down fat cells and its proprietary formula continues to prevent future fat cells from forming in the treatment area.  “Off label” uses (Not FDA-approved) also include treatment for small bulges of fat such as bra fat or areas in the upper arms. 

Like all treatments outcomes vary between individuals and if you select Kybella for your double-chin treatment outcomes will depend on your unique anatomy, how much excess fat requires treatment and if your skin has good elasticity.


Vitamin injections also known as “wellness injections” are a safe and clinically proven therapies that can help to replenish the vital nutrients and minerals your body needs to perform optimally.  Whether you’re looking for more energy or extra help reaching your weight loss goals our vitamin injections are popular add-ons when visiting for other services.  Our vitamin injections are from an FDA-compliant compounding pharmacy.

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble essential vitamin and is crucial in supporting many vital metabolic and hormonal functions including the production of enzymes and carrying important nutrients in and out of cells. Vitamin B12 can help increase energy, improve mental alertness/stamina, help with sleep, improve immune system, increase metabolism, reduce allergies/stress/depression, improve mood stabilization and some report reduced severity of migraines/headaches.

Lipotropic injections are used to help release fat throughout the body by targeting primary fat deposits. Your body has two primary kinds of fat known as subcutaneous fat (under your skin) and visceral fat (around your organs).  We offer a blend of methionine, inositol and choline commonly known as “MIC”.

Methionine helps break down sugars and carbohydrates and convert to energy.

Inositol helps converts food to energy.

Choline helps convert fat into energy while aiding healthy nerve cells and reducing muscle recovery time

MIC is not a standalone therapy and best accompanies weight loss efforts like dieting and exercising to help you lose those stubborn pounds.

Autologous therapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses a person’s own cells or tissue (for our purposes blood) that are processed outside of the body and then reintroduced to the same person.


Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) treatments come from your own body, so there is little risk of negative reactions.  Your blood is drawn in office and processed so that only the desired enriched cells remain (PRP).  PRP contains growth factors that can help restore damaged skin and more. 


PRP injections are believed to offer multiple benefits and is often used in aesthetics to

  • Accelerate new skin cell turn over and boost collagen production (like the “Vampire Facelift”)

  • Combat hair loss

  • Treat dark circles/under-eye bags

(Visit our Autologous Enhancement page under services for more information)

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